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what’s lighter than air?

Quite some time ago when I was attending a meeting at DCA office to discuss recreational aviation activities in Malaysia, I noticed that there’s a chapter in MSAF called “lighter than air”. For a moment I was kept curious what it’s all about, but later it turns out to be the hot air balloon. Interesting way of defining their activity though.

And today I had the chance to meet with Izzati of AKA Balloon, whom currently the only hot air balloon company in Malaysia and the one that’s been organising Putrajaya’s annual hot air balloon fiesta (including several others as well). I felt privileged for the opportunity and learned something new about what’s in store for the ballooning services.

Today I learned that it’s actually more interesting that it seemed, though I must admit that prior to this I wasn’t really interested or paid much attention to hot air balloon other than occasionally watching them in the air at Putrajaya. It turns out that flying a hot air balloon requires more technical attention as compared to flying the paragliding gliders.

Anyway… at the moment I doubt that owning a balloon would be within my affordability just yet, hopefully some day in the future. For now, it’s just about coordinating an event that will parade the flying balloons and experiencing the balloon flights as a passenger.

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