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Winds of change

For a couple of years since I decided to spend full time building my company’s presence in the paragliding industry, I became highly stressed over operational issues such as the trivial matters raised by competing friends, insanely high import taxes, lackadaisical attitudes from supposedly authorised representative of the industry and of course the typical struggling enterpreneur’s perpetually constraining budget, just to name a few.

I managed however, to overcome all of that though only to a certain extent but satisfactorily and made my presence clearly visible among the industry players like a sore thumb. Business was expanding, dominating the market and making Ozone as the brand authority again which also helps me to further my presence in neighbouring countries as well.

But I was still facing the stresses of trying to change what I won’t be able to change – people. Over a period of another year, I tried several strategies and even amplified my efforts to be very accommodating when dealing with irreverent incumbents, but still I ended up failing miserably.

During a quiet weekend of family retreat and unperturbed mind spending time with my family, I realised something and it struck me hard almost epiphanically. It brought me back to my senses on what I should do from that moment onwards, in order to grow my business presence while at the same time keeping my sanity intact.

Soon after that, I revisited my business plans that were horribly scribbled almost nondescriptly in my note pad (yes I still use pencil and paper note pads) and chartered a new roadmap that I still use to this very day.

What I learned from this experience? There were many, and for brevity’s sake here’s my short take on just one of them ;

“It is more often than not, that one must take a moment to really look back on the path walked so one could continue walking with clear understandings of whether the path was well walked or not, and how to take the next steps continuing on the path that are less travelled.”

How many times do I have to go through this experience or iteration of it before success comes rolling on the front door? I don’t know and maybe the answer my friend, is blowing in the wind.

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