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5 months of writers block

I’m beginning to feel that my writer’s block symptoms are starting to becoming a permanent block, or at least almost permanent. The last time I wrote something for this weblog was 5 months ago. It feels like every time I sat in front of the laptop to pen my thoughts, I’d go into the slow motion moment and even before I could spell my own name, something else would immediately cropped out of nowhere and stole my attention… distractions.

But then again, I was also quite busy at the office with the new job, it is not taxing in terms of physical movements but technically challenging that requires a constant rethinking and staying innovative with the latest development in Internet. I guess nothing’s easy when it comes to paid work isn’t it?

So what have I been up to, other than the new office works?

Well, for one I could say that I’ve been busy practising my tandem paragliding flights, got my Tandem T1 license a few months ago after the practical exam at Gunung Jerai and been flying passengers ever since. I’m flying Sup’Air SORA tandem glider, and quite proud for the moment that I happens be the only SORA pilot in Malaysia :-)

Other than that, busy with daily chores as usual and…. let’s see how many weeks before I start writing the next blog after this one ;-)

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