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Cloud hopping in Kuala Kubu Bharu

While on the way back to KL yesterday, I decided to drop by Kuala Kubu Bharu for a quick flight and test the chasecam I recently built. I reached the TO at 6pm to meet the rest of the flying buddies and launched in the zero-wind condition. It turned out as a nice soaring day hopping the cloud lifts from TO all the way about 2.5km out to the PLKN camp, coring and cruising at 2500-2800ft before turning back to LZ and calling it a day.

Haqimy and I flew around for an hour doing synchronised flying at close proximity, a little bit of wing-overs and deep-turns while taking videos. The guys were watching us from the TO and LZ, cheering and probably wishing that they’d be in the air with us too. Adeline and Asjanita were the most excited ones of all that were there. Adel was looking forward for next training sessions with me to improve her kiting skills and flying together next time. I didn’t realize we created such an impression, we were just having fun in the air chatting while taking video of each other hopping the cloud lifts.

Most part of the video was taken using the GoPro mounted on my newly built LeafyCam – a paragliding ChaseCam (I’m going to finish the build and selling it commercially soon). Here’s the flight video, the LeafyCam design still needs to be fine-tuned on the aerodynamic profile and also perhaps adding a wireless live-view feature, so if I get to thermal for hours and you’re parawaiting at the TO, I could irritate you more by streaming the live videos! hehehe

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