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Pre-loved Sky ATIS2 from Latvia

I received my Sky ATIS 2 glider two days ago, it was nicely packed all the way from Latvia. It’s a pre-loved glider, according to the seller it has a lifetime of about 10-20 hours and still in good condition. Well, upon unpacking today I checked everything and from my assessment, I would give the condition as 8/10 and I think it has a lifetime of about 50-60 hours, not 10-20 hours as claimed. But the cloth is still good, crispy though there are a few patches. Not clearly visible but they’re there nonetheless – means that it has experienced some crash landings, probably on a tree or something.

I took it for a few flights today at Jugra, it moved quite fast during inflation but easy to handle just like my CIMA K2. I purposely flew into rough areas and did few sharp turns to see how it behaves. Entering strong thermals was not as bumpy as I expected, I slide sideways into the thermal core and it only gives me a bit of pull on the side and then it starts to lift steadily. I flew low into the area where it’s known to have slight rotors that will always give us an asymmetric collapse and it did, but recovered immediately as expected. I did big-ears and it behaved well though it would be nice if the recovery was as fast as my CIMA K2.

Not bad for a used glider and at the price I got it for, I have no complaint at all. In overall, I like this glider. Love it and would take it with me in most conditions.

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